Attica map

Inspired by the visit of Attic peninsula I created a realistic custom made map for a train simulator Mashinky featuring existing landmarks and natural resources.

Bring back the trains to the Attic peninsula, an epoch-making region of Greece!

Provide services in the Athens metropolitan area, transport tourists along the scenic coastal road to the Temple of Poseidon or get challenged by the difficult terrain of Lavrion ancient mining district.

Building up a functional railway network in this rugged region won’t be easy – as the history of transportation can testify. Attica Railways operated just for a few decades before it was replaced by road vehicles and got abandoned. Bring yourself back in time and try your best to make the trains in Attica prosper!


  • 512×512 tiles covering area of 45×45 km (~1:10 scale)
  • realistic terrain reflecting vegetation and humidity
  • hand placed:
    • road network
    • cities and towns
    • industries up to 6th era in realistic locations (see pictures)
    • historical landmarks, monuments, monasteries, churches
    • preserved parts of Attica Railway (see History)

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